Jonathan Menachem, MD

New York City and Durham

Where did you attend college/university?

What did you do, or where did you go, next?
I worked as an investment banker for 2 years then decided I'd go to medical school. So I spent two years taking the pre-med classes and then worked for a medical device company near San Francisco for two years. It wasn't the most direct route, but I did learn a lot along the way.

Where did you attend medical school?

What are your career goals?
Cardiology - specifically Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Transplant

What were you looking for in an internal medicine residency program?
I was looking for a program where I would be expected to work hard, be given responsibility, and get to learn from leaders in every field. I also knew coming in that I wanted to be a cardiologist, so I wanted a program that was strong in this area.

What are the strengths of the Duke program?
Rotating at Duke, Duke Regional, and the VA, we get to see all aspects of medicine. We have the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest - both at the resident and faculty level. But beyond the successes people have as physicians, Duke hires special people who care. At 33 weeks, my wife went into labor with our twin girls (they are doing great). Needless to say, this was slightly stressful as they were in the hospital for three weeks. I don't think you realize how special a program is until you have to count on them to take care of your family. The number of visitors and amount of support we got from attendings, chiefs, residents, nurses, patient transporters, valet parking guys, housekeeping, food staff, etc. was beyond what I could have ever imagined. Duke hires special people for every level and every job.

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and housestaff?
The faculty are dedicated to making sure we learn and become leaders in the field of medicine. They are approachable and dedicated.

What advice do you have for incoming interns?
The ride can be bumpy and stressful, but there is nothing as rewarding as taking care of patients and making a difference in their lives.

Where did you choose to live, and why?
We live about 15 minutes from the hospital. We are also 10 minutes to the airport and 15 minutes from Chapel Hill.

What's best about living in Durham and the Triangle?
When visitors come, we take them to Duke games, Durham Bulls games, and out to great restaurants and bars. My wife and I both love cycling (that's what they force you to call it in SF) and so we often go on long rides or for runs on the Duke trail.

What is your spouse's occupation?
Nursing student

What was your spouse's main concern in moving here, and how did you both approach solving that?
My wife was really excited to move to Durham. She knew we could live very well on a residents salary.